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Chiropractic Products

Acuity CDR
Acuity CDR

Acuity CDR

Keeping your Chiropractic office operating efficiently as well as offering the best patient care possible are key factors in a successful practice. Today more and more Chiropractic centers are upgrading to Chiropractic Digital X-Ray equipment. Converting to Digital Radiography does not have to be expensive. With new advanced technology and new lower prices, Georgia X-Ray can easily transform your existing analog equipment into state of the art direct digital x-ray in just minutes!

Whether you are a start-up or an existing chiropractic practice looking for affordable equipment one of our Direct Digital Imaging Specialists can provide a quote today.

  • Simple & Quick Installation

  • Diagnostic image less than 3 seconds

  • HD Direct Deposited Csi Technology

  • Automatic Exposure Detection

Universal Chiro

Universal Chiro

The Universal Chiropractic System effectively combines flexibility, efficiency and affordability.

The system will instantly improve patient workflow by eliminating the use of cassettes and developing conventional x-ray film. Instead, Universal Chiropractic Systems are powered by the intuitive Vieworks DR system giving technologists access to high resolution digital imaging and processing capabilities.
Featuring a floor-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling tube stand and a compact wall stand, the system delivers extensive vertical travel allowing for a full range of upright positions. The tube stand features electromagnetic brakes and a fixed positioned tube arm for easy and accurate positioning to the wall stand

MasteRad MX30C (Chiro)

MasteRad MX30C (Chiro)

The MX30 offers a versatile radiographic system for Chiropractic applications offering a full range of functions that are designed to be practical, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. Includes a MasterX 17×17″ Wired Cesium DR System with Voyance Acquire and PACS software.

Voyance PACS provides 10 DICOM viewer licenses for other computers in the office. Viewing software provides advanced Chiropractic measurement tools and functionality. Electromagnetic brakes throughout system. 

  • Modern design 

  • Designed for fast and easy installation

  • Generator upgrade options: 40kW, 50kW, 60kW

  • Tube upgrade options: 200kHU, 300kHU, 400 kHU 

  • System features

  • Movable Bucky accomodates 14″x17″ or 17”x 17″ detectors

  • Bucky uses an electromagnetic locking system

Medlink Chiropractic
Medlink Chiropractic

Medlink Chiropractic

The All-In-One Chiropractic Radiographic Solution

  • 30kW High Frequency Generaltor

  • Intergrated to VIVIX software

  • *40kW upgrade option available

  • Includes the VIVIX 1717V Fixed Flat Panel Detector and Customized Workstation

  • Pre-loaded with the award-winning VXvue imaging software.

  • Loaded with Chiropractic Specific Measurement Tools

  • Easily customized Vieworks QXlink3 Software

  • Includes (6) Six Months of DICOMesh Back-Up and Recovery Protection

  • Optional Configurations Available

  • Unit Includes a (5) Year Manufacturer Warranty on System, DR Panel, and Workstation

  • X-Ray Tube 5 Years (prorated)

  • Collimator: 1 Year

Quality Chiro Tube, Wall Stand and Collimator Design

  • Floor-to-Wall -or- Floor-to-Ceiling mount with 5ft. rails

  • Angulations dial, operator hand grips, and electric locks

  • Mounting track for 17 1/4" x 18 7/8" grid

  • Certified front panel with center line

  • Operates on 24 VDC

  • Grid 103LP 10:1 Ratio

  • Certified manual Collimator without swivel

  • Bucky Centering Light

  • Rotating anode 16 degree low speed

  • Dual focal spots: small focus 1.0 / large focus 2.0

VIVIX 1717V DR Panel and Workstation

  • Active area of 17" x 17"

  • Fixed flat panel detector that doesn’t need to be removed for any position, reducing the risk of handling a portable wireless detector

  • High spatial resolution with 140um pixel array

  • Stable and reliable automatic exposure detection (Anytime™)

  • Fast image acquisition speed

  • Ready-to-go customized  Dell workstation

  • Individually Staged

  • Bloatware Removed

  • Optimized for VIVIX Software

  • Quality Tested

60+ Measurement Tools with the Easily Customized QXLink 3 Mini PACS 
Measurement Tools Include:

  • Extended Line

  • Sagittal Spine Alignment

  • Horizontal / Vertical Level

  • Vertebral Line

  • George’s Line

  • Spine Analysis

  • Cervical Curve

  • Lumbar Curve

  • Spine Label

  • Spondylolisthesis

  • Pelvic Parameters

  • Cobb Angle

System includes the award-winning VXvue Acquisition Viewer. The VXVUE acquisition software is an award winning intelligent software solution which utilizes the most advanced imaging processing.

  • Ten (10) LAN - Local Area Network Viewers

  • DICOM Send - Multi Destination, Dicom Print

  • DICOM MWL Modality Work-list

  • User-friendly Touch GUI

  • Various Measurement Tools, including:

  • Auto and Manual selection

  • Archive

  • Image Preview

  • Archive

  • Image Export - DICOM, JPEG, TIG, and BMP w/wo Viewer

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