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Planmed Clarity 2D
Planmed Clarity 2D

Planmed Clarity 2D

Planmed Clarity™ 2D – Mammography
Optimized Screening and Diagnostic Mammography

Planmed Clarity™ 2D is a comprehensive digital mammography system. The durable unit can be used for screening, diagnostic examinations, and stereotactic biopsies. Planmed Clarity 2D system comprises all the features of the Planmed Clarity™ product family.

Individually Tailored Images and Ideal Ergonomics
We at Planmed are committed to designing equipment that provide the best experience for both patients and professional users. With the Planmed Clarity 2D system, your mammography workflow is taken to the next level.

The Planmed Clarity™ Manager and Planmed Clarity™ Flow software provide a clear and simplified user experience. The customizable individual workflow eases the daily work of the technologists allowing them to concentrate more on the patient. The Planmed Clarity Flow user interface with dual touchscreens enables easy access to the unit’s functions. The Planmed post-processing for contrast, sharpness and brightness can be fine-tuned to achieve the perfect image for each radiologist’s individual needs.

Designed for You and Your Patients
User comfort and optimal workflow performance are guaranteed by fully motorized functions, isocentric C-arm movements, and the ergonomic placement of unit controls. The Planmed Clarity Flow user interface guides the technologists through the different imaging modes as well as calibrations in a fast and easy way. In addition, the user can send prior images to the Planmed Clarity Flow software to ease the positioning.

The unique Planmed innovations Side Access™ and MaxView™ enable easier and more reliable breast positioning with functional design.

Additional Imaging Exams
In addition to screening mammograms, the Planmed Clarity 2D system supports additional diagnostic work-up examinations and biopsies. These may include additional mammographic views, magnification imaging, and biopsy procedures.

Planmed Clarity2D can be upgraded in the field at any time to include digital breast tomosynthesis.

Planmed Clarity S
Planmed Clarity S

Planmed Clarity S

Planmed Clarity™ S – Mammography
A Reliable Companion for your Everyday Breast Imaging Needs
Planmed Clarity™ S is the ideal choice for a cost-effective digital mammography system. The unit can handle even the most demanding workloads from everyday screenings to follow-up studies and 2D biopsies. Planmed’s trusted technology secures high performance and quality results.

A Mammography System for and Clinic Needs
Planmed Clarity S is the safe and cost-effective choice for mammographic breast examinations. Its advanced technology and clever solutions enable an efficient workflow at busy screening centers as well as smaller clinics. Owing to the compact design, durable a-Si detector and single-phase power feed, the unit also adapts well to demanding conditions such as mobile installations.

Superior Ergonomics
Planmed Clarity S comes with many of the popular features of the Planmed Clarity™ product family. Features such as the OneTouch™ workflow, extended handlebars and curved chin guard enhance both staff, and patient comfort. The paddle adjusts gently to the human anatomy, reducing patient discomfort during examination.

The acquisition workstation includes the Planmed Clarity™ Flow software, which together with the foot controls enables a smooth user experience.

Key Features
• Well-suited for everyday screenings and diagnostic studies
• Small and compact size, easy to install
• Robust and reliable with latest detector technology
• Superior ergonomics and usability

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