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Acuity DR

Acuity DRe DR
Acuity DRe DR

Acuity DRe DR

Acuity DRe detectors are the newest generation of DR retrofit solutions designed with the essential conveniences of Radmedix image acquisition and design. Retain the unparalleled image detail you’ve come to expect from our G3 Acuity DR panels at a more price efficient cost without a compromise in our proven quality.

These economical DRe panels are light, portable, affordable detectors that can optimize any x-ray room for table and free positioning and table top exams with top-of-the-line image quality. There’s also no need to re-work your existing equipment because Acuity DRe fits existing standard Bucky’s and holders.

  • Integrated lithium ion battery technology with an increased 10hr capacity

  • Exceptional imaging quality using direct deposited Csi

  • Patient dose reduction with reliable and accurate Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

  • Integrated handgrips and lightweight construction for effortless handling

  • 140um pixel pitch with wide 16-bit dynamic range

  • Supports dual band wi-fi connectivity (2.4gHz/5gHz)

Medical Acuity DR
Medical Acuity DR

Medical Acuity DR

G4 Acuity DR Detectors: Radmedix has introduced its next generation premium panel line for integrated & retrofit applications. This panel line has been developed with the latest in digital detector technology utilizing a flexible glass-free substrate in the 14×17 for ultimate durability.

14×17 | 17×17 | 10×13

All G4 panels have been engineered with a carbon fiber enclosure to make them more lightweight with better protection than ever before. The image quality has also been upgraded with powerful image processing algorithms and they utilize a 100 µm pixel pitch for improved clarity/depth at lower doses as well.

Experience our Next Generation Performance G4 Acuity DR Panels today. Change the way you think about diagnostic imaging.

G4 panels use a wide 16-bit dynamic range for highly detailed image resolution at 100 µm pixel pitch

Integrated high efficiency lithium ion battery technology with up to a 9.5hr capacity

Patient dose reduction with stable and reliable Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) without limiting capturing all image data

Integrated handgrips and lightweight carbon fiber chassis for ultimate durability with effortless handling

G4 panels are IP56 rated for extreme resistance against liquid, dust, and bodily fluids

Supports dual band wi-fi connectivity (2.4gHz/5gHz)

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