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Revolutionary. Optimized. The AX2/AX3 offers unmatched performance while being easy to use for all users. With a unique ergonomic design and innovative technology, this ultrasound machine offers superb penetration and detail to enhance your diagnostic confidence.


Edan AX2 Ultrasound
USB & DICOM Export
Color Ultrasound 
Touch Screen

Edan AX3 Ultrasound
USB & DICOM Export
Color Ultrasound
2 Transducer Ports
Touch Screen

Click here to read the AX2-AX3 Data Sheet. 

DUS60 Vet

DUS60 Vet

The DUS 60 VET is an impressive compact ultrasound system providing superb value and best-in-class quality across a wide range of veterinary applications. With the added support of pulsed wave Doppler imaging, the DUS 60 VET provides an affordable black and white option for clinics, emergency hospitals, and farms.


12.1″ TFT-LCD monitor
Two peripheral ports


Phase-inversion harmonic compound imaging – Improves contrast resolution
Speckle reduction technology – Improves contrast resolution while maintaining detail resolution
Multi-beam technology
Synthetic aperture
Dynamic receive focusing
Dynamic frequency scanning

Multi-frequency Transducer Technology

Multiple frequencies increases transducer utility

User-friendly Workflow

Intuitive control panel reduces learning curve

Two hours of battery-powered operation


Supported Applications

Abdomen, Obstetrics, Muscle & Tendon, Small parts, Cardiology, and Vascular.  Presets available for large and small animals- Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine, and Ovine.

2 Year warranty on the DUS 60 VET main unit

1 Year warranty on the accessories or disposables

U60 Vet

U60 Vet

With its compact design, user-friendly operation and advanced imaging technologies the U60 Vet diagnostic ultrasound system offers a broad range of applications to address all of your imaging needs.

Speckle Reduction Technology which improves contrast resolution while maintaining detail
Spatial compounding technology which utilizes multiple lines of sight to improve contrast resolution
Multi-Beam Technology to maintain high frame rates in all modes including color and pulse wave Doppler
Phase-Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging to reduce image noise and clutter
Multi-frequency transducer technology allows multiple frequencies in 2D, harmonics, and Doppler increasing transducer utility
User programmable Smart Pre Sets quickly adjust multiple settings to customize imaging preferences
Flexible image archiving solutions including storage to USB and DICOM store

With a compact, lightweight design the system is highly portable and can be used anywhere. Thoughtful design elements simplify operation and enhance usability.

High-resolution 15inch monitor for easy viewing
The intuitive control panel makes the system easy to learn and use
Battery operation of up to 60 minutes provides uninterrupted workflow
Dual transducer ports allow you to have 2 transducers connected simultaneously
Multiple peripheral ports enable easy connectivity and image archiving
Optional cart and carrying case to protect the system during transport


2 Year warranty on the U60 Vet Diagnostic Ultrasound System main unit

1 Year warranty on the accessories or disposables

U50 Vet Prime

U50 Vet Prime


High resolution LCD screen
Light-weight design for excellent mobility
Color Doppler Flow Imaging
Pulsed Wave Doppler
Power (Directional Power) Doppler Imaging
Phased Inversion Harmonic Compound Imaging
Speckle Resistance Imaging
Spatial Compounding Imaging
Multi-frequency broadband transducer selection
Multi-language software packages
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

Unit comes with luxury carrying case for travel

Large capacity integrated hard disk(optional)
Footswitch (optional)
Mobile trolley (optional)
Needle-guided brackets (optional)


2 Year warranty on the U50 Vet Prime main unit

1 Year warranty on the accessories or disposables

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