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Dental Xray

ADX 6000 Handheld Portable
ADX 6000 Handheld Portable

ADX 6000 Handheld Portable

• Rechargeable Li-polymer battery pack
• Adjustable power settings from 1 mA to 5 mA and from 50kV to 80 kV
• 4.3” TFT touch-screen panel display and convenient UI
• Works with other radiographic mediums: film, PSP plates, digital sensors and digital detectors
• More than 200 shots possible on one battery charge
• Color touch screen display
• Wirelessly transfer images to your laptop or PC with a wireless detector
• Compact shape and size
• Meticulously sealed in lead to negate any leakage radiation exposure
• Easy to use, comfortable to handle
• Multipurpose: Medical, Orthopedic, Veterinary, Military, NDT, Security & Dental
• 5-joint arm stand available!

Nomad Pro 2 Intra Oral
Nomad Pro 2 Intra Oral

Nomad Pro 2 Intra Oral

With the NOMAD Pro 2, you gain all the reliability and efficiency advantages that every busy dental office needs and appreciates. The new NOMAD Pro 2 provides a powerful freedom in workflow that is unattainable with wall-mount units.

[View the NOMAD Pro 2 on video by clicking here.]

From its safety and portability to its image capture and new features, the NOMAD Pro 2 is designed with the practice, the clinician, and the patient in mind.

• Utilizing the latest X-ray technology, preserve the quality of your images and deliver exact, repeatable exposures
• The higher-capacity battery technology keeps pace with the demands of busy dental practices
• Ergonomic design innovations make the shape and weight dispersion of the device more stable in your palm
• The unique, lead-impregnated acrylic shield protects the operator from direct and scatter radiation
• The internal proprietary housing encases the X-ray tube and back-scatter shield to block radiation leakage



COCOON has enough power and handy weight to be used for both general treatment and operation.

When mobility is needed most frequently, x-rays are important as a progress check in many dental surgical operations. Moving a patient under anesthesia for a wall-mounted x-ray is not only inconvenient and time-consuming for the doctor, but risky for the patient. The COCOON portable handheld x-RAY device allows for true one-hand portable X-RAY shots: as many as 500 shots before recharging. It is more efficient for dentists and oral surgeons, and the operator is also protected by advanced safety features.

• Tube Voltage: 70 kV
• Tube Current: 2 mA (External Power) / 1. 7 mA (Internal Battery)
• Tube Focal Spot Size: 0.4 mm
• Power Consumption: 336 VA, 321 VA
• Cooling Method: Oil Cooling Method
• Total Filtration: Over 2.3 mm Al (Inherent Filtration: 1.0 mm Al) °
• Target Angle: 12.5°
• Exposure Time Range: 0.05 -1.0 sec
• Exposure Time Interval between the exposure : 0.01 sec
• Distance to Target (Distance between Target and Focal Spot : 2 inch
• Body Dimension: 322(L) x 134(W) x 262(H) [mm] • Body Weight : 4.8 lb (Back Scattered Shield excluded)
• Battery : 16.8 V
• Battery exposure capacity : 500 Shots with full charged
• Voice Guide pre-recorded
• Narration for quick user training
• Wide UI screen

• Lightweight – Only 5 lbs
• Cordless
• Digitized Wide Screen & Easy and Intuitive Touch Screen Function
• Customized Preset of Exposure Time for Different Set Positions
• Low Radiation Emitting
• Patented Voice Guide – Cocoon Speaks!
• Clear and Pristine Images with High-Density X-Ray
• Smaller Focal Spot for High-Density X-Ray
• 70 kV Tube Voltage
• 500 Shots per Full Battery Charge
• Radiation Leakage Prevention Technology
• Back Scatter Shield for Operator Protection
• Trigger Locking System to Prevent Unintentional Exposure
• Care-free Power Charging with Charging Dock

Dental Sensors

Rex2 Premium Sensor
Rex2 Premium Sensor

Rex2 Premium Sensor

Rex2 sensor is the modern dentist’s sensor of choice. The durable Rex2 sensor with the best exposure levels requires only 1/7 the radiation of traditional X-rays. Rex2 sensor is a complete radiography system that integrates with your image management and patient management software. Rex2 sensor is versatile and allows for image adjustments in terms of brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness. These adjustments allow for more accurate diagnosis. Rex2 sensor and its integrated USB connection ensures fast and convenient image capture.

[click here to see the brochure]

Rex2 sensor ensures the highest contrast resolution. This allows you to see small changes in enamel density which in turn allows for a more accurate diagnosis and better treatment plans. Rex2 sensor attains the highest quality image with the lowest amount of radiation exposure. This ensures the safety of patients and operators alike.


Tigerview Software

Tigerview Software

Dental Digital X-Ray Solutions for Dentists
Dental offices require software efficiency and seamless integration when it comes to the management of digital images. TigerView software is the most capable solution at an affordable cost to manage and view images for your dental practice.

Power Functionality
Two unique functions of TigerView for dentists is seamless integration with your Practice Management System with auto-mounting with the added flexibility of re-mounting a full mouth series or 4 bite wing series.

Customized Solutions
We recognize that not all practices are the same, so TigerView can capture and store all types of dental images, including; dental digital x-rays, film x-rays, intraoral camera images and digital camera shots. TigerView supports ScanX, Optime and DentOptix phosphor storage plate systems for digital image capture as well as many direct sensor systems, such as EVA, Gendex, Sirona, Accent and Planmeca.

Important Benefits with TigerView
TigerView’s user friendly interface and simplified workflow means offices are up and running quickly with minimal training.

TigerView is DICOM 3.0 compliant.

TigerView allows you to create customizable report templates that include patient images, your practice’s logo and your written notes, which can then be sent through email, printed and digitally stored in a patient’s digital record.

TigerView CLOUD allows for easy access to your images with any web browser, iPad and Android device that are connected to the Internet. Televere Systems also offers a film digitizer with TigerView to scan your legacy film for viewing through your TigerView workstations.

TigerView Compatibility: Practice Management Systems & Supported Hardware

Digital Radiography HardwarePhosphor Plate Systems: Air Techniques ScanX and ScanX Duo, Gendex DenOptix, Soredex Optime, Fuji FCR, Kodak Orex, ApixiaDigital Sensors: Air Techniques Accent, Gendex GX700, VisualiX, and eHD, Planmeca Dixi 3, Progeny MPSe, AFP Imaging EVA, RF System Naomi, Fuji, Sirona, Schick CDR, Acteon Sopix2, Instrumentarium Snapshot, Sigma, OP100D, OC100D, Rayence Vatech, Atlaim ATAL 8, Kodak RVG 6100, VaTech Dental Sensors, VaTech Medical Sensors, Rayence Medical SensorsDigital Pan/Cephs: JMorita Veraviewepocs, Gendex Orthoralix, Planmeca ProMax & ProLine, Owandy Strato, Soredex Cranex D, Instrumentarium, Sirona OrthophosIntra-oral Cameras: Air Techniques Acclaim & Polaris, Acteon Sopro, Digital Doc Evolution, Iris & Icon, Gendex Accucam & GXC-300, RF Systems Einstein, Kodak 1500, Scican Ultimate, DXM Hawk, Sota Claris, Eaglesoft Oraview, Planmeca Intracam, Dentrix ImageCAM, Schein ViperCam, Kavo ERGOcam, Lightyear, Progeny, EasyClickCam, ImaginFlourescence Detection Device: Air Techniques SpectraDevices with a TWAIN interface: Almost All Digital Radiography (DR)

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